Born to a family of musicians in Baku, AISEL graduated from the professional school of music named after BULBUL in Baku in 2006. In 2010 she graduated from the Music Academy of Azerbaijan specialising in classic piano. AISEL is a professional pianist, vocalist, composer. Main genres: jazz, soul, experimental, alternative.AISEL participated in many local, as well as worldwide festivals and events.She performed at Caspian Jazz & Blues Festival (2002), International Baku Jazz Festival (2005/2006), MuzEnergo Festival of Music Improvisation (2007), Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 (with a band of Emil Ibrahimi), Caucausian Jazz Festival (2012).Between 2012-2018 AISEL spent time on working and producing her own music. In November 2018 she presented her first LIVE EP ALBUM named “PURE NOISE” - thus beginning her solo career of an independent artist.

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